Want to Attract New Customers & Retain Existing Ones? (Part 3 of 5)

consultya Want to Attract New Customers by construction companies in gold coast Australia

Get New Customers

Attracting new customers in an increasingly digital world when working in construction can feel overwhelming. Having great, consistent content on your social media accounts and websites is the first step to attracting new customers. Think of these online platforms as the first introduction for customers (which they are) and make sure they look engaging. Also, look at promoting customer reviews on your online pages as well to help establish trust with those considering your services. But what happens when you work through these options and new customers aren’t coming in?

This is where paid advertisements can come in handy, especially Google Ads and the Google Display Network (GDN). Google Ads are ads that appear directly on search engine pages, directly above the search engine’s results. They’re extremely easy to create and can potentially get you thousands of views a day (depending on your budget). Google Display Ads are ads that appear on websites and are usually referred to as banner or image ads. These ads take more work than text ads but are more engaging for potential customers due to the visual aspect. You can learn more about how the Google Ads system works here, but, in laymen’s terms, Google makes you set a monthly budget and you will pay per click. So, if your budget is $300 a month, and each click costs $1.00, you will get 300 clicks a month on the ad before your budget is exhausted and the ad removed for the month.

Retain Your Old Customers

Old customers are more likely to continue using your services if they’re happy, so retaining customers should be a primary focus for your business. This is something many businesses don’t do very well – i.e. they don’t have a system whereby they go back to their customers to check-in and ask if they need a hand with anything else.

One of the easiest ways to retain customers is by saying thank you. This can be as easy as an email, or, for bigger jobs, can be a gift basket or gift certificate for your customer. Another method to make customers want to come back is by advertising their feedback. Most customers love to be featured on a website, and it helps to establish trust with new customers when they can see your work, the companies you have worked with and how satisfied customers have been with the job you completed.

Finally, look at consistently communicating with your customers by utilising social media and a custom mobile app for your business. Why an app? Because it gives customers a direct line to you and your business. Unfortunately, with social media, your posts are typically buried by everyone else your customer follows. By switching to an app, customers are routinely ‘in the know’ and will never miss a post. There are also many features designed to entice your customers to return, such as loyalty discounts, push notifications and quick and easy booking functions.

Need Assistance?

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Next week, in part 4 of 5, we’ll talk more about digital marketing.

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