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Running a trade or construction business successfully requires very good planning and scheduling – there’s simply no other way around it! So you’ve come to the end of the week, it’s Friday afternoon, you’ve successfully sold four jobs, and you’re now wondering how in the world you’re going to deliver those most effectively.

Here’s what our customers are telling us when we discuss scheduling:

  • I’m done using a pen and paper to allocate who will work where, and when.
  • Every little interruption in the schedule is a nightmare to get all of it to work again.
  • I have been using excel to create schedules, and it works okay, although not ideal.
  • I’m constantly asking my friend who is good in excel to make slight changes to my template, it’s getting embarrassing.
  • I have to sit there on a Friday and call 10 tradies to confirm every job for next week.
  • I feel I can get more work from the guys on the ground, the schedule is too relaxed.
  • I am tired of working hand to mouth, even my contractors need some continuity and foresight, I need to get better at looking 4 weeks out.

Can you resonate with any of the points above? Maybe you have more to add? The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. We have worked with various trade and construction businesses, like yours, to help them create and manage schedules online – super quick to set up and very easy to use! Some of the benefits that come with our scheduling tool on your Mobile App:

  • Create the schedule on a calendar by allocating your workers and subbies.
  • Move the workers around the schedule to ensure the workers are highly utilised.
  • Your workers can update any leave or time away in their calendar so you don’t waste time finding that out later on!
  • Once the schedule is confirmed, your workers will get a notification to accept the work – this locks it into your schedule.
  • Our schedule integrates with our timesheet module – fully automating the process and generating a weekly report for you.
  • You can view the schedule on your mobile app or your computer at home.

The bottom line is that planning and scheduling are essential to both,
1) Growing your company AND
2) Keeping your costs low.
Remember, unnecessary admin time is money, re-working your schedule is money, not optimising your worker allocation is money etc.

Take better control of your trade or construction business by reaching out to Consultya – your tradie service provider. We don’t just sell mobile apps, we will tailor-make the app to work for you, using your processes and workflow. Reach out to us now for a 15 min free chat on how we may be able to help you – 0428 20 40 50. Or email

This is part 2 of our multipart blog series on Mobile Apps for Your Trade Business, where we break down the different features available. You can find each instalment on our website.

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