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Start your Business

Are you any of the following?

  • I don’t have an idea, but I’m super keen to get started
  • I have an idea, but I’m not sure how to start
  • I have already started, but I need help getting up & running
  • I am thinking of adding another service offering to my business, but I’m not sure if it’ll work

Depending on how far you are into your start-up journey, or whether you are considering diversifying your offering, we bring along a set of tried and tested tools and experience to ensure you bring forward your first customer and pay check!

The Idea Accelerator Program

Idea Accelerator Program

  • Customer discovery & validation
  • Negotiation for creators
  • Building human assets
  • Analytics tools for creators
  • Pitch boot camp
  • New company governance
  • Ramping up
  • Generating market traction
  • Funding your start-up

How it works?

Get access to:

  • Theoretical yet practical content
  • Tools and templates to get you going e.g. what does a good pitch deck look like
  • One on one coaching and mentoring

Let’s get you up & running in 1 month!

Additionally, we expedite your journey with the following tools:

  • Graphics and logo design
  • Building your website
  • Online marketing incl. Ad words & Social Media
  • Custom made Quoting & Invoicing templates
  • Develop your own Mobile App