Online Food Ordering – The New Normal

Online Food Ordering App Developers on the Gold Coast

The food industry has undergone significant changes in the past five years, and since COVID-19 has been fast tracked to become an alternative method of dining. With the changing consumer behaviour and rise of digital capabilities, restaurants and coffee shops must stay on top of what is happening in their respective markets.

Globally, the online food delivery industry is set to become a $200 billion industry by 2025 ( In Australia, we are seeing similar trends compared to global ones:

  • The food delivery service industry grew by $2 billion in 2020 as a result of COVID-19. (source)
  • 73% of millennials place their food orders through food delivery apps. (source).
  • Over 7,000 food orders are made every hour in Australia. (source).
  • Sydney residents spend around $2,000 a year on food delivery. (source).
  • Asian cuisine and healthier options like poke bowls, vegan dishes and sushi are among the most favoured foods for food delivery services. (source).

There has been significant research and opinion about how the world will NOT go back to what it was before COVID-19, i.e. some changes and behaviours are going to be non-reversible such as working from home arrangements. Similarly, online food ordering is expected to continue to grow well after the pandemic era is behind us. Therefore, there is a big opportunity for restaurants and coffee shops to ensure 1) they exist in the digital world and 2) they are maximising their exposure to ensure they’re capturing the new online customer.

So what has expedited the rise of the food delivery business? Let’s have a look at a few obvious ones:

  1. COVID-19 and it’s restrictions including lockdowns, social distancing etc. has ‘forced’ some consumers to go online to get their favourite food.
  2. Food business models are regularly changing and getting disrupted such as the rise of cloud kitchens, aggregators, loyalty apps, restaurant apps, delivery apps and more.
  3. Consumer preferences are also changing. Such as working remotely, consumers are now more excited than ever about ordering on their phone, tracking their order and getting the food delivered to their door step.

So what’s the meaning behind all of this growth, and how will it impact my restaurant or coffee shop? Well to put it simply – increased competition! Online food ordering has levelled the playing field incredibly, placing a much higher weight on quality of food and speed of service versus say the restaurant layout, location & views, dining service, furniture etc. More established businesses must re-invent and continue to innovate to ensure they’re not left competing in an arena that is very busy.

According to research by Mckinsey, there are four key online food ordering insights:

  1. 80% of customers rarely leave an online food ordering platform once they sign up
  2. Speed of delivery is a key factor to 60% of customers
  3. 82% of orders are placed from home (and not the workplace)
  4. 74% of all orders are placed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

At Consultya, we are able to either 1) build your website from scratch or 2) plug in a food ordering option to your existing website in a relatively short amount of time. So instead of giving away massive commissions (up to 35% with Uber Eats in some instances), why not offer your customers the option to order through your Mobile App or website directly?

That way, all profits are yours to keep. Reach out to us to discuss how arrange online food ordering for your own business. Phone us on: 0428 204 050 or email:

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