Not All Timesheet Software is Created Equal

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Not All Timesheet Software is Created Equal – Make Sure You’re Automating Accurately!

Timesheets are a very common feature in the construction industry and they also feature heavily in various service sectors such as legal and management consulting. They are useful as they allow you to measure who did what, where, when and for how long. Those 5 ingredients are very important as they allow you to both manage your resources productively and to invoice your customers accurately.

However, timesheets have always and generally been a problem child for many construction and trade-related businesses, for example:

One of the best quotes we heard from one of our construction clients is: “I have two workers, on the same job, submitting different hours on the same day, how is that possible?”

The good news is that timesheets can be, and have been, automated for quite some time.
The challenge you need to be mindful of is: not all timesheet software is created equal!

Let’s start with why automated timesheets are the way to go:

  • Your workers in the field are more productive as they don’t have to spend time at the end of the shift on paperwork (this costs you money).
  • The data you collect is more accurate, and therefore more insightful. You’re able to make better decisions on how your job can be more profitable. And you’re not paying for any mistakes!
  • No admin time spent in the office or at home, chasing and reconciling all the physical documents.

At Consultya, our timesheets are automated in a straightforward manner utilisting GPS geofencing capability. This is a ‘virtual perimeter’ set up around where you expect your workers to be. Every time a worker crosses the perimeter, either entering or exiting the jobsite, this is logged on your mobile app, and a notification is sent to the business owner, or the supervisor or whomever you nominate. If your workers turn off the GPS on their phones then a notification also comes your way. Geofencing is a key feature for those of you who are managing workers remotely, and particularly in different locations. So how it works:

  1. You set up a geofence (perimeter) on the map.
  2. Assign the geofence to a job code.
  3. Your staff will have the app on their phone and GPS turned on.
  4. When they enter the permitter they will get clocked in.
  5. When they leave the perimeter they will get clocked out.
  6. The workers will also have the ability to ‘add’ particular codes e.g. if they have smoko or lunch while in the perimeter, they can assign this manually.
  7. All the information is generated in an easy to use format to facilitate payroll.

If you’re looking to eliminate a big headache and stop continualy racking up unnecessairy admin time, reach out to the team at Consultya via email or call us on 0428 20 40 50.

This is part 5 of our multipart blog series on Mobile Apps for Your Trade Business, where we break down the different features available. You can find each instalment on our website.

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