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With the COVID pandemic, businesses have been forced to figure out new ways of working remotely, separated from each other for the first time. The upside is that this experience has lead to a good understanding about what sucessful remote management looks like. Tradies and those in the construction industry already familiar with remote working environment are now finding even better ways to go about it.

Let’s start with the various challenges that come with remote work:

  1. Lack of face to face supervision and interaction: how do you ensure your workers are productive?
  2. No immediate access to information: how do you, as the owner, ensure you’re getting information quickly enough to allow you to make the right decisions, earlier on!
  3. Social isolation: your workers can feel overwhelmed, and sometimes alone when they’re not able to interact with you throughout their shift.

There are also other realities we are facing on the East Coast and Australia in general – an unprecedented construction BOOM, with both State and Federal governments committing billions of dollars worth of projects.

The challenge for you is: How do you scale your business in a way that ensures you still have a finger on the pulse?

Below are a set of learnings we have compiled that should help you think about whether there’s further room for improvement in the way you’re managing your workers.

What are the rules of engagement: Ensure you establish certain rules on how you communicate with your teams. For example, we will have a daily video check-in meeting, other updates via instant messaging, and urgent matters via a phone call – follow the line of command.

  • Establish a daily check-in meeting: Get onto Zoom or Whatapp or whichever medium you are comfortable with, and engage with your workers, ideally via video, for 10 to 15 mins. Your typical meeting structure should be:
    • Safety Share (always start with safety, and always aim to build a culture of safety)
    • What was done yesterday (review of actuals vs targets)
    • What are the priorities for the day (by person / or team)
    • How is everyone feeling (quick round the table)
  • Know with certainty when your workers are onsite: GPS technology can allow you to know when your workers clock in and out of the worksite. On the mobile app, you simply establish a geo-fence (i.e. a perimeter on the map) around each of your worksites and when your workers enter or leave the assigned job area, it’s noted on a log. You can set it up to send you a notification too, so you stay up to date in real time. The log is extremely useful for generating your worker’s weekly timesheets, drastically cutting admin time down. If you feel uncertain about such technology, just know it’s widely available in the market. And remember, you’re not tracking your workers every whereabouts, you simply know that they are on site, or not. It’s a good way to keep tabs on your crews, particularly if you’re growing and you have various teams scattered around in various locations.
  • Provide regular opportunities for social interaction: Make sure that as the leader of your business, you’re getting to spend some social time with your workers. This allows you to build rapport and to get to know the guys better, which continues to build further trust. If you have work in various locations and organising for everyone to be together is difficult, then visit different crews for social interactions once per week and try to bring everyone together once a month. This will give your workers a sense of belonging and purpose, and allows you to maintain and nourish your company culture.
  • Set very clear expectations: Ensure each worker / or team knows what they need to achieve by the end of the shift. This is very important, particularly when you’re not around. It also allows you to manage against your budget schedule, thereby, ensuring you maintain those profit margins.
  • Lastly, make sure you’re enjoying yourself while going around doing purposeful work! One can easily get bogged in the vicious cycle of stress, fatigue and anxiety – this doesn’t have to be you!

Those are some of the tips we’ve gathered along the way that we hope you find inspiring. If you’re considering leveraging technology to remotely manage your construction teams in a super simple and cost-effective way, then do feel free to reach out to Consultya to discuss more about the customisable mobile app features we offer. Give us a call on 0428 20 40 50 or email

This is part 3 of our multipart blog series on Mobile Apps for Your Trade Business, where we break down the different features available. You can find each instalment on our website

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