Job Administration for Construction & Trade Businesses – The Necessary Evil!

construction and trade businesses on the Gold Coast & Brisbane Queensland Australia.

Most of us agree that construction work is really exciting, considering the fact you’re either using your skills to solve a problem or create and build another thing from scratch! There is an inevitable sense of satisfaction when a large and complex task has come to an end, be it a major renovation or repair works, or even a green field construction project. Unfortunately, a long pile of admin and paper work is required before, during and after work has been completed. In this blog, we are going to provide you with an overview of key documentation required, and why it’s essential to DIGITISE your business now more than ever!

Let’s break up the admin required to successfully and profitably run a construction or trade business:

  1. Planning & Scheduling: this is probably one of the areas that has the greatest improvement potential. Scheduling your resources weeks out (assuming you have the work of course) is essential to your productivity, and hence your profit margins. Time and time again, we see businesses adding a massive contingency in their quotes as they’re unaware of their labour’s productivity only to find themselves not winning the work! This phase is also essential as it’s used to set the expectation for your end customer. Meeting those expectations is key to referrals and repeat work.
  2. Work Execution: this is where rubber hits the road. Ideally, as a trade business owner, moving away from working ‘in’ your business to working ‘on’ your business is all about ensuring you get information that is BOTH 1) Timely and 2) Accurate. This allows you to pivot and make quick decisions that could have a huge impact on your margins. Getting those critical updates on your App without the need to chase up your supervisors is a privilege you can afford in this day and age.
  3. Wrap-up: this is your ‘review’ phase, where you look back at the work you have done and ask yourself: ‘did I do a profitable and quality job for my customer?’ Many times we see quality compromising profitability and vice versa. Another critical component of this phase is to capture your lessons learnt, and to ensure you are continually improving the way you work. Ensure you capture all your expenses incurred against any job such as hours worked, material consumed, fuel and travel etc.
construction and trade businesses on the Gold Coast & Brisbane Queensland Australia.

Figure 1: End to End construction and trade business administration overview

In summary, there are a lot of questions that need answering throughout your work cycle, and having the information on an App at your finger tips is now more important than ever for various reasons, such as making you more competitive, spending less time on admin tasks, freeing you up to win more work and to scale your business, ensures consistent quality and profitable work for your customers.

Integrating some of those key features in our Trade App allows you to:

  1. Digitally schedule all your jobs and resources
  2. Use a GPS log to ensure your workers are allocated to the correct jobs
  3. Automated timesheet submission via the app
  4. Track the job expenses all in one place
  5. Review before and after photos of the job and keep notes all in the one place
  6. Monitor job profitability as you go…

If job administration is hurting you in terms of time, accuracy, or overall it’s simply a pain, reach out to the team in Consultya so we can discuss and showcase how those inefficiencies have been resolved for some of your competition. Give us a call on 0428 20 40 50 or email

This is part 4 of our multipart blog series on Mobile Apps for Your Trade Business, where we break down the different features available. You can find each instalment on our website.

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