Digitalising Your Construction or Trade Business

Digitalising Your Trade or Construction Business on the Gold Coast & Brisbane Queensland

Digitalising Your Construction or Trade Business

Digital disruption isn’t just a trendy catchphrase, it changes the way businesses operate, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

Putting digitalisation in simple terms – just doing things better.

Construction and trade industries have evolved through the use of technology. This means that not only the way things are done within a business have changed but also the expectations of customers and clients have changed with it. They expect more, but you shouldn’t have to work harder or longer to deliver – just smarter.

So what exactly is digitalisation and why is it crucial for an SME trade or construction business owner?

Digitalisation means a lot of different things. From setting up a good website so customers can find you, to online marketing, document storage, scheduling jobs and workers, or sending quotes and invoices – digitalisation can simplify almost any business process you have.

No Paperwork

This may sound like the holy grail, but the reality is actually very simple. Less admin means more time to focus on your business with no more long evenings sorting through paperwork or sending invoices and quotes.

Better Accuracy and Planning

Construction or trade business owners often have multiple jobs and crews over different areas, with differing requirements and different materials. Integrating work in one place allows you to proactively manage projects remotely rather than chasing updates.

More Responsive

Constant pressure of work and satisfying customer needs is stretching out a lot of businesses. Knowing what jobs need to be done, by when and exactly which contractor or employee is available to do those jobs, means that even the smallest of companies can be more responsive to customers’ needs.


Scaling up your construction or trade SME doesn’t have to mean more admin staff and larger overheads. It also doesn’t mean that you’ll risk things falling through the cracks because you are too busy to chase anything but your own tail. Digitalisation can help small businesses scale up, keeping expenses low – and that bottom line profitable.

Tips and Tricks of Digitalisation

Now that you know the why of digitalisation, let’s consider the how. After all, it’s not going to be of any help to you if you spend more time and cash setting it up than you’ll save.

Take it Slow

Digitalisation isn’t all or nothing. Taking it slowly, approaching one area of your business at a time is a far smarter approach. You could decide to start by scheduling workers electronically and monitor progress via a mobile app. Or with automating your schedule, then timesheets, expenses, quoting and invoicing. Just take it one piece at a time.

KISS (Keep It Simple…)

As you introduce new processes, keep old ones running in parallel until everyone is comfortable with the new way of doing things, and that it’s going to fit seamlessly into your business.

Focus on Progress Over Perfection

It’s a trap many fall into – trying to solve it all, and stretching that small company with limited resources, which results in change-fatigue and admin burnout. Focusing on your end goal and taking on a little at a time, you’ll be amazed how far your business will move ahead in 6 months, doing small, weekly incremental improvements.

Speak to the Experts

No one ever said going it alone in business was a good idea and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Get advice, particularly at the beginning of your business transformation for the most cost-effective and productive path. So, make sure you do your research to avoid having to do a full circle six months down the track.

They say that standing still is the same as falling behind. Stay ahead of the pack by improving your business through some simple digitalisation systems.

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