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According to an ABI Research survey of consumers, respondents who downloaded a retail branded app said they:

– Had visited the business more often +45.8%

– Bought more of the business’s products and services +40.4%

– Encouraged their friends to visit the business +30.8%

Source: ABI Research (2019)

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Key Features to help Promote your brand

Owning your own App is now more affordable than ever! With our proprietary system, you can easily afford a high quality, custom-designed, state-of-the-art Mobile App for your business for a Fraction of the usual cost.

Food Ordering

Let your customers order food directly from you, bypass expensive ordering platforms, and increase your bottom line.

Shopping Cart

Order products directly from the App. Adding this feature gives your customers direct access to your products.
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Would you like to stream live? Integrate your music, video, photos, and much more into a single mobile app.

Loyalty Programs

Generate repeat business using your Mobile App with our loyalty programs, QR codes, and electronic stamping cards.

Fully Customised Mobile App Solutions For Your Business

Leverage our Industry Expertise to Build Awesome Apps For You

Full Branding

Guarantee brand consistency by using business information, logos, photos, and color schemes from your Facebook page or website.

Calendar & Booking System

Keep users in the loop by setting up events they can see on their calendars including reminders via email, push notification, SMS reminders etc.

Rich Media

Boost engagement with your business by adding new content on a regular basis. Upload videos, stream audio, create image galleries, and connect your blog.

Loyalty Program

For every dollar spent, give customers a loyalty point they can redeem for rewards of your choosing e.g. stamp cards, coupons etc.

Online Payments

One click payments and the ability to add unlimited categorized listings allows you to keep 100% of the revenue you generate, without sharing any of it

Notifications & Messaging

Reach your customers exactly when YOU want. Trigger notifications and messages based on a customer’s location, time, and segment.

Geo Listing

Connect people with places, and businesses. GEO listings make it easy for your users to add and search GEO tagged properties, vehicles, businesses, and more.

Social Media Integration

Increase engagement with your brand via social media integrations. Your users can access your Facebook and Twitter feeds without leaving your app.

Why Choose Us?

Our propriety technology means you can finally afford to launch your own Mobile App and beat your competition.

Free Demo Session

We show what we have done, give you advice, and have our industry experts share our learnings with you.

Expert Team

We offer you Experienced developers who are technically competent to handle all your requirements.

Great Designs

We create catchy and stunning designs, yet ensuring full pragmatism and functionality.

Top Quality

We leverage existing source code that has been tried and tested to ensure you are Bug-Free from day 1!


We create robust, practical, and easy-to-use Apps.

Fully Customised Apps

We offer you lots of features, ensuring we mix and match to have it the way you want it – personalised to suit your business needs.

Full Support Throughout

We work with you and for you every step of the way, ensuring an optimal and successful launch of your new App.

Round the Clock Support

Our global team works round the clock and are there to support you. You’re never on your own!

Fully Customized Mobile App Solutions
For Your Business

Consultya Restaurant's Business solutions Gold Coast
Food Ordering
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