Digital Marketing Done Right – Have You Got All the Right Tools? (Part 4 of 5)

Construction Business Digital marketing on the Gold Coast Queensland

SEO Keywords & Hashtags

Digital marketing can feel like a whole new world, but here are a few tactics to harness the power of the internet and make it work for you. The first step in successful online marketing is to look up the construction industry’s SEO keywords using a website like Simply type in your ‘seed word’, (in this case, construction), and you will receive a list of words used in your industry. Pepper these through your company’s social media posts and you’ll see your online traffic grow.

Another way to identify keywords with the greatest reach is to do a little research on industry relevant hashtags. If you’re not sure where to start, you can Google it or take notice of the hashtags on competitor’s posts. You can check a hashtag’s popularity by typing it into the search box of your social media account and it will show the number of times it has been used. Make sure to try a mix of popular ‘industry standard’ hashtags, some niche hashtags that are more specific to your offering and also some that mention your service locations. That way, when potential customers are searching and type in or click on a hashtag that you’ve used, your posts will come up on the list.

Next, make sure you have some sort of blog on your website to produce quality content (and insert SEO keywords!). This doesn’t mean every blog post needs to be a book, but you should aim for educational content your audience wants to engage in. This will give your potential customers greater confidence in your business and showcase your understanding of your industry. In addition to consumer engagement, blog posts can be shared on social media platforms and will boost your search engine presence.

Social Media Platforms

Finally, make sure you focus on building your online presence with social media platforms. Social media accounts allow you to connect with both potential and established customers and engage with them via comments and direct messages. All social media platforms allow you to create ads as well, which can be helpful when coming up with a marketing strategy. A word of warning: remember to only take on as many platforms as you can handle, which usually means 2-3 accounts for the average business. Also, ensure that the platforms you choose are the same ones your customers are using! Facebook and LinkedIn are usually better suited to the construction industry than Instagram or Twitter for example.

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Next week, in part 5 of 5, we’ll talk about making and executing your Construction Business Digital marketing plan.

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