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Lean Start Up Gold Coast Brisbane Australia

Have You Heard of a Lean Start Up?

The ABS tells us that almost one in every three Australian businesses shut their doors within their first 3 years of operation. Understanding the Lean Startup method can tip the scales in your favour, through a cycle of build-measure-learn. What is the Lean Startup Method?  The Lean Startup Method is as simple as Build – […]
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Digitalising Your Trade or Construction Business on the Gold Coast & Brisbane Queensland

Digitalising Your Construction or Trade Business

Digitalising Your Construction or Trade Business Digital disruption isn’t just a trendy catchphrase, it changes the way businesses operate, making them more efficient and cost-effective. Putting digitalisation in simple terms – just doing things better. Construction and trade industries have evolved through the use of technology. This means that not only the way things are […]
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Do I Need a Business Coach? What You Can Expect From Business Coaching

About a decade ago, businesses engaged business coaches to help fix toxic behaviour, acting as mediators and non-biased facilitators whose purpose was to get everyone back on the same page. Today, business coaching is about developing the capabilities of high potential performers. At Consultya, we believe in both developing capabilities while delivering verified bottom-line results […]
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