Is Workflow Automation a Magic Wand for Your Business?

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I’m guessing you didn’t start your construction or trade business because you enjoy long hours spent on paperwork. Wouldn’t it be nice to wave a magic wand and make a lot of that time-consuming admin stuff disappear? You know, the sorts of jobs that have to be done, but don’t directly affect your bottom line. Well step aside. Here it is.

It’s Not Quite Wizardry. It’s Automation!

OK. Not quite a magic wand. But that sounds far more interesting and palatable than ‘workflow automation’. And to be honest, when set up and used correctly, it comes a pretty close second.

There are lots of businesses who use WhatsApp or text messaging to contact customers and workers. Or Word and Excel to manage forms, payroll and track expenses. And email to sort approvals, claims and requests. And phone calls to follow up on quotes or invoices. Apart from the fact that they can easily get lost, corrupted, can be error-ridden and can have version control issues, there is another thing they have in common – they all require input from you. Put together, they are incredibly time-consuming.

Workflow automation pretty much does what it says on the box – it automates your business’s workflow. That means you could send emails, respond to new customers, schedule tasks, set up reminders and do almost any other recurring admin task – all without having to touch a single button or look at a screen.

According to, with even a little automation, over half of workers think they could save 5 hours a week. Let me say that again. You could spend half a day doing things other than paperwork and sending emails. Every single week.

Time Saving is Not the Only Benefit

As well as getting your weekends back and eliminating many of those mundane tasks, the other benefits of moving away from those legacy systems are obvious.

  • Much less risk of errors.
  • Improved quality and productivity.
  • Better teamwork.
  • Improved customer conversation and retention.
  • Makes your business scalable.
  • You’ll save time – yes, we’ve said this before, but it stands to be repeated!

Workflow Automation in the Real World

If you’re a trade or construction business owner, you’re probably wondering how this applies to you. Let’s run a few real world examples and see if any of these ring true.

Worker 1: “Every time I have a client, I send them a form via email that requires them to input all of their contact details and describe the work they want. We receive lots of those forms and spend lots of time inputting that information into our system – we’re basically double handling.”

Workflow Automation Solution: Build an online form. Send it out via email. Customer fills in the online form and all their information is updated in your system automatically into your contacts and CRM system.

Worker 2: “I have three projects running parallel, each requiring different subbies, paperwork, engineering designs and each with different customer expectations. I’m struggling to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.”

Workflow automation solution: Build an end-to-end flow that is visible to all stakeholders, with the status of every sub-action tracked so that you know exactly where everything is in real time which saves chasing team members for updates.

Things to Think About Before You Automate

By now you are probably nodding your head and wondering why you hadn’t jumped onto some form of automation before. But to maximise your success, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Start small. Automation is not an all-or-nothing approach. Start with one area of your business and see what value it brings before committing to automating other areas of workflow.

2. Beware of signing up to a piece of fancy software that promises to deliver the world, without a customised approach to your specific business and projects.

3. Speak with the experts. We’ll let you in on a secret – the actual automation stuff is the easy bit. Designing and streamlining your processes upfront and eliminating any inefficiencies is where all the good work is done. And doing the upfront work well, means saving dollars in the long run.

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