Why does your construction business need a Mobile App?

Mobile Apps have never been more cost effective and useful than they are today! For a tiny investment, you are able to schedule your workers, know when they arrive on or leave site via GPS notifications, automatically generate timesheets based on their GPS log, along with many more features. In an industry saturated with competition, ensuring you’re both 1) Efficient and 2) Cutting Edge are both essential to ensuring you stay ahead of the competition, while using your time more effectively.

Why do construction businesses need digital marketing?

Your customers are now online more than ever. Depending on your audience, if your customer is retail i.e. non-businesses, then you need to be on Google as most people look for trades online via Google e.g. “painting house services Gold Coast”. However, if your customer is a business, you will need a professional website and things like a LinkedIn account to showcase your professionalism, project experience, and to allow you to network and be visible in your target market.

How can I promote my construction or trade business online?

Customers are increasingly going online looking for builders and particular trades. It is no surprise why we’re always advising our clients to improve their Google rankings via SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google My Business page. Creating meaningful content online through blogs will continue to improve your online rankings and attract further customers.

What is the role of marketing in construction?

Marketing plays a key role for construction and trade businesses alike. Think of it as a four stage journey. It starts with attracting the right customer by creating awesome content. Secondly, it helps you convert those leads by exchanging their contact information for good free content. The next step is to close the sale via offers, email marketing campaigns etc. Lastly, good marketing ensures you delight the customer and helps you generate strong referrals.

Do construction and trade companies advertise?

We see construction and trade companies using all forms of digital marketing to create awareness and attract customers. We see more builders using Social Media channels such as Facebook and Instagram while trade businesses continue to advertise strongly on Google. Youtube advertising has traditionally been used by bigger players, however we’re seeing more smaller companies using Youtube to advertise.

How can I get clients for my construction business?

Creating a systemised marketing machine in the background that ensures your phone doesn’t stop ringing is a must for construction and trade businesses. This then ensures you’re only worried about what you like doing – managing the work and delighting the customer! Customers spend a lot of time online daily, therefore we recommend a strong digital marketing strategy and execution plan to be in place.

How can I grow my small construction business?

You will grow by getting more customers, and that can only take place if do more marketing. It’s a mathematical formula – You start with leads which you convert into prospects, and you convert the prospects into paying customers. There are therefore 2 levers that will help your growth – Increasing the number of leads (this is marketing) and improving the conversion ratios (some marketing and a lot of sales and closing).

How do I sell my trade business services?

Think about immediate things you could do (that will cost more money) such as Google Advertising and more medium term strategies such as Google My Business, SEO improvement, having a good website, generating good content etc. It’s one thing to create awareness and interest, and another thing to actually sell your services. Therefore ensure you benchmark your pricing in the market, and if you’re above the average, be very clear in your value proposition to your customer about what makes you unique and different.

How do I advertise my construction business on social media?

It depends who your customer is. For example, when the customer is another business (B2B), we are seeing a major uptake of LinkedIn among construction professionals. We would therefore support efficient and cost effective marketing strategies for those clients. However, if you are a trade business or a builder working in retail (B2C), then Facebook, Instagram and Youtube have been very popular and effective social media channels.

What’s the best CRM for my construction business?

The best answer is always the same – it depends! If you’re starting out and looking at getting some good automated processes using KPI tracking and good accountabilities, then we can set you up with robust CRM modules on Monday.com. If however, you’re looking for that CRM platform that truly integrates sales and marketing end to end and taps into your website and all your social media accounts then we have deployed Hubspot for a lot of our clients – and it’s awesome!

What’s the best project management software for my construction business?

We love using Monday.com for one simple reason – it’s NOT a construction software. As strange as it sounds, we at Consultya have the construction expertise and Monday provide us with an amazing platform and automation capabilities that when we combine both together – we end up with a TAILOR FIT package that works for you and only you.

What’s the benefit of a mobile app for my trade business?

Mobile Apps are increasingly becoming popular as construction and trade businesses have been looking at digitising and automating their business end to end. Why carry around a stash of paper work to do your timesheet when you can simply do that on your phone? We also find that integrating quoting, invoicing, scheduling and job management features results in an optimised operation.

How much does a mobile app cost?

The cost will depend on the application and features that you’re looking for. We have a proprietary methodology that allows us to keep costs at minimum. For example, we can build a restaurant app for you for as little as $5,000 and this will include features such as restaurant bookings, online food ordering, loyalty cards etc.

How long does it take to build my custom mobile app?

If we’re not customising too many things, then it could be as little as four weeks to have a prototype that we could start testing and refining. As the level of personalisation increases, then you can expect to add more weeks to the development duration.

What features can I have on my custom mobile app?

Mostly anything! We see however, key features present in certain industries. For example, restaurants and coffee shops all like to show their menu, location, loyalty card and online ordering as a minimum. Others take it a step further and include a scheduling module to roster their staff.

How can I win more tenders?

Winning more tenders generally requires a combination of diligence and compliance to pull together a compelling proposal, combined with good commercial tactics such as your pricing. Outsourcing your tendering requirements can be a great avenue for construction companies to win more work.

How can a business consultant help my trade business?

There are many facets about running a trade business that are non-tool related, such as marketing, budgeting, automating my processes, optimising my quoting and invoicing etc. Think about this way, you don’t need to do everything or to be good everything to run and scale a successful trade business. Outsourcing key business activities such as admin, marketing etc. and paying for good coaching and advice can really expedite your learning journey and get you there quicker – do not reinvent the wheel!

Why should I choose Consultya?

We learnt and applied business improvement methodologies when helping corporates and large organisations improve their bottom line performance. We have since decided to use our learnings and toolkits to support small and medium sized businesses with their growth and improvement journey. Choose us because 1) We have done it before 2) We are cost effective 3) We sell results not products or services.