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Your calendar is probably the heartbeat of your business, dictating on any day of the week, or any hour of the day, what it is that you’re going to be doing. We spoke in a previous blog Scheduling Your Work Crews– Run Your Trade Business with Ease about how schedules are essential for productivity. Similarly, for the business owner, your calendar is your schedule, and an optimised calendar is essential for your productivity and the long term success of your business.

So before we get into the merits of having digital calendars, let’s stop quickly and discuss some tips on how successful leaders and executives manage their calendars.

  1. Plan your day according to your energy levels. For example, you’re the type of person with heaps of energy first thing in the morning, and for you, a morning work-out sets up your day for success. Another person may enjoy an afternoon workout after work to de-stress! Either way, organise your calendar according to your personal preferences and energy levels.
  2. Allocate one ‘Meeting Free’ day per week. Friday could be a good example of a day where you can reflect on how your week has progressed, what priorities you look at delivering next week, and more importantly, getting administratively on top of your business. This could be anything from admin tasks such as invoicing, strategic tasks such as dreaming big, or lifestyle tasks such as what does it take to slowly step away from the business absent any interruptions.
  3. Schedule regular and repeat tasks. If you don’t allow yourself time to quote jobs, manage your finances, and check in on customers, then it will likely 1) Not happen, 2) Happen in the evening or over the weekends, 3) Happen but with compromised quality … and why would anyone want that for themselves or their business? Here’s a few key items ANY construction or trade business person should have in their calendars (and if you don’t have them, then they likely don’t happen according to plan):
    • One hour per week to check in on your customers (at least via phone)
    • One hour per week to reflect on your progress for the week and to plan for next week
    • One hour per week to manage your cashflow
    • One hour per day to quote work
    • One hour per day to exercise
    • One hour per day for your learning and personal development
  4. Assess the performance of your business once per week. This doesn’t have to be complicated or admin heavy, but at a high level, you are doing 2 things. Firstly, your looking back and reflecting on how the week went (what were some highlights, and what didn’t go as well as planned), and for next week what are some potential roadblocks and what are the main priorities for the business. By taking stock once per week, you begin to transition from working in the business to ‘steering the ship’ and working on the business.

While the list is not exhaustive and doesn’t cover everything, it certainly gives you a starting point of what to expect as a construction or trade business owner, in terms of time management. Moving on to digital calendars and why they’re important in this day and age.

Consider a scenario where you’re a tradesperson and you need to quote work, and quoting the work involves you visiting properties to get a feel for the job, take up measurements etc. You’re on the job and your phone is constantly ringing, and you struggle to get on top of where you need to be next while advising the customer over the phone on your availability. In this case, some business owners will hire a part-time admin staff or have their partner working in the business (such as Tradiewives) managing all the required admin in the background.

But what if you can’t afford to hire someone? Or your partner is enjoying her job or busy growing the family? Wouldn’t it make sense to have your customers directly go to a page, where they can see your availability, and schedule a call or a site visit at a time that works for you? And then having this sync with your calendar so that everything you need to know is in one place?

In the exhibit above, you can see a simple example of an online tool where you specify the times you’re available, and your customer can then click on a window that works for them. They then jump onto the next window where they are required to put in their information.

Once you have entered the required information, a calendar invite will make its way to you, scheduling you in for productive sessions with your customers without having to get on the phone to them / or paying someone else to arrange the meeting for you.

To summarise, as a construction or trade business owner you must take control of your week, and this starts with what you spend your time doing. A scheduled calendar is always more productive and profitable than a reactive one where you’re chasing your tail all the time. Therefore, take control of your week and your business and make your calendar digital.

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