5 Biggest Facebook Ad mistakes

5 Biggest Facebook Ad mistakes- Improve your Company Ads - Gold Coast Area.

5 Biggest Facebook Ads Mistakes

Facebook has now become one of the most effective digital marketing channels available to businesses and individuals. With roughly 2.3 billion active users and state of the art algorithms in place keeping tabs on behavioural patterns, interests, and intent, it really does provide you with the ultimate opportunity to get your ads directly in front of the right potential customers.

With a wide array of targeting options, and what some consider a tricky user interface, many people miss the mark when attempting to use Facebook for advertising.

To help you avoid making costly mistakes and be the most effective in your efforts, we have compiled 5 things to avoid when utilising Facebook Ads.

Targeting Too Broad of an Audience

Probably the biggest mistake people make is targeting too large of an audience size with the hope of hitting a potential lead. This is a sure-fire way to burn your budget with minimal effectiveness.

You shouldn’t base your advertising on guesswork – take some time to ask yourself who your ideal customer is. What are some common interests or behaviours that your past clients have had? This is called your Buyer Persona. For more information on how to formulate a Byer Persona for your business, check out our blog on the subject.

Utilising this information is where the beauty of Facebook Ads over Page Boosts comes into play, allowing you to break down exactly who you want to reach. So before you run your next ad take the time beforehand to really analyse your target market and zone in on a smaller quality base for more effective overall engagement. This is referred to as niche marketing.

Forgetting to Use Facebook Pixel

Tracking is one of the keys to digital marketing and Facebook Pixel is the ideal way to be able to track who is engaging with your ad and landing on your Website. You can then use the Facebook pixel data to:

  • Retarget your website traffic directly with your ads or create a custom lookalike audience which Facebook compiles of people that are similar to the ones that have landed on your site.
  • Optimise your Ads for eCommerce conversions.
  • Track all the conversions made on your site and use the information to further refine targeting options.

Hard Selling

A mistake we see all too often is people trying to use Facebook Ads to sell a product to a cold audience straight off the bat. A good rule to remember with any social advertising is to give before you ask.

Create an intermediate step before asking for a lead or conversion – provide your potential customer with something of value. Facebook algorithms work on a ‘know, like, trust’ system which you may know as Awareness, Engagement and Conversion. These are the key stages you want to aim to bring your audience through.

Ignoring the Importance of Your Image

Many people are not aware that 70%-90% of ad success and performance is directly correlated to the images that are presented to your audience.

Even though Facebook has so many different ad formats, most have the option to include 1 image. You should ask yourself these 4 questions before choosing or creating one.

  • Is it visually pleasing with limited text?
  • Is it relevant to your ad and content?
  • Does it include an enticing offer?
  • Does it portray value?

Poor Headlines

Many digital marketers try to implement either witty headlines or sales jargon…which isn’t necessarily wrong, but you are far better off creating your headline in a way that explains how your audience will benefit from your product or service. What’s in it for them? What solutions do you offer to their problems?

When it comes to the headline you want to keep it as short as possible, so if you can portray the tips above in 40 characters or less, statistics show you can achieve 86% more engagement.

Avoiding these 5 key mistakes really comes down to taking the time to plan your ads, utilise the free tools and information out there to help you improve your ad creatives and manage the data you collect from your audience and you will be on your way to Facebook advertising success.

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